The deterioration of Zlatan and LeBron’s relationship

When two of the world’s biggest sports stars face off, it usually comes on the court, pitch, or track.

But Zlatan Ibrahimovic and LeBron James‘ recent exchange of words has been taking place in the press, and their relationship has taken a turn for the worse of late.

The two were never close, but they had a good relationship during their time in Los Angeles. When LeBron joined the Lakers, Zlatan welcomed him as “a King” on Twitter.

A month later, it looked like LeBron was either voluntarily ignoring the message, or that it wasn’t received. The NBA star posted a photo of his three children wearing the shirts of LAFC, rivals of Ibrahimovic‘s then-side, LA Galaxy.

Recently, another chapter in their unusual relationship has been written. The Swede criticised LeBron for his outspoken political opinions, stating his belief that the James and others should “do what they do”.

But LeBron hit back, reminding the AC Milan forward of how he himself had denounced racism in Sweden, and said “I do my homework”.

Ibrahimovic‘s response suggested that racism and politics are two different things, and suggested that sport’s role is to unite the world.

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