Guardiola: I always had the dream of coaching in England

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has revealed that he always had the intention of leading a Premier League side since his spell at Barcelona.

The Catalan technician explained that being in charge of an English team is a dream come true despite having coached at other elite clubs such as the Blaugrana and Bayern Munich.

“I was incredibly happy in my hometown in Barcelona and at Bayern Munich, you can’t imagine… the club, the city,” Guardiola told Rio Ferdinand in the latest episode of BT Sport’s ‘Rio Meets’ series.

“I am a privileged guy to have been there. But here, after four or five years I feel so good.

“I have always had the feeling, the dream to come here, to train in the [William] Shakespeare country, in the Beatles’ country, in Oasis country, the theatres, the movies. This country is special for many, many, many reasons and I wanted to live this.

“I hate November, December, January and February in England because I would like better weather, but I have everything [I need] to do my job, that is the reason why I extended my contract.”

Manchester City are undefeated since their 2-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur back in November, when Guardiola realised that the team needed a change.

“At that moment we realised we were not brilliant, everything was heavy in terms of it was not natural,” Guardiola added.

“We adjusted something, to put more players in front of the box, but especially it was the day after the West Brom game, when we drew 1-1 at home.

“We could have won, but after I went to my friends and staff and said: ‘I don’t like the team, the way we play. It doesn’t matter about the result, I don’t recognise my team, the way they should play’.

“We just came back to the principles. A,B,C, that is all. So wingers high and wide, a lot of players in the middle, come back without the ball, run like animals and with the ball be more calm, [make] more passes which help, think about more what we have to do.”

Guardiola hasn’t managed to clinch a Champions League title since his spell at Barcelona and admits he feels the pressure to do it again, this time with the Sky Blues.

“I will have this pressure for the rest of my time here in England, I know it.” Guardiola noted.

“If we don’t get to the last stages to go through it will be unfinished business.”

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